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Getting informed about STEM candidates is only the first step. Use your vote, your dollars, your time, or your voice to help elect them to office.

#1. Vote!

Go vote!  We can’t stress this one enough. Some key votes would have gone differently if everyone had shown up and voted.

Ballotpedia lists all the candidates running in your district. Go take a look through them and decide who you want to vote for. Even if you feel like all you have is the “lesser of two evils,” please still go vote — having less evil in the world is an admirable goal.

If you need to register to vote at your current address, can help you figure out how. Many states have voter registration deadlines a month or more before the election, so make sure you register in time!

Primary elections are important, too — the dates vary by state, so we’ve listed all the dates of primary elections to help you out.

#2. Donate!

Many STEM candidates are entering politics for the first time, and working to build their donor and support networks from scratch. Even a small donation can be especially important to help elect these candidates. An individual in the United States can donate up to $2,700 per candidate per election — and primaries, runoffs, and general elections are considered separate elections.

Did you know that you can donate to any candidate’s campaign, whether or not they’re in your district? Corporations, churches, and other entities have been increasingly financing campaigns across geographic lines. Even if you have a candidate you’re supporting at home, you can also donate to other great STEM candidates from afar.

#3. Volunteer!

Every campaign needs lots of volunteer help — and door-knocking is only one of many options for how you can give your time. Volunteers are valuable for website maintenance, online communications, postcard writing, phone banking, data analytics, event planning, volunteer coordination, fundraising, and more.

Most campaigns can use remote help, too, so you can volunteer for a STEM candidate from afar.

Postcards To Voters can also help you write effective postcards to voters in races around the country. They provide the addresses; you provide the postcards, postage, and your time writing the postcards. Check them out and see which STEM candidates they’re currently supporting.

#4. Speak up!

Your voice matters. Let people know about the candidates you support, and why you support them. Talk with your friends, your family, your coworkers, even random strangers. Use your social-media presences as part of that, too.

In addition to talking up your favorite candidate(s), do stress the importance of fact-based policy decisions. When enough voters demand fact-based politics, politicians will respond accordingly. Shifting political norms to a fact-based worldview will be a big victory in and of itself.

There are plenty of good resources out there for how to talk politics constructively. Here’s one on how (and why) to have tough political conversations with family members you disagree with, and another on talking about political campaigns with your kids.

Spread the word about And encourage everybody to go vote!

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Want to volunteer with See the Join VoteSTEM page for more details on how you can get involved!

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