About VoteSTEM

We envision a country where important political decisions are based on facts. We want policy-makers to examine the best available information and explore the evidence and the uncertainties. Our elected leaders need to accept the facts, not deny them, and then have vigorous debates and heated disagreements over what to do about those facts.

Our mission is to help elect more policy-makers with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) backgrounds. Their STEM backgrounds give them important skills for making evidence-based policy decisions. They bring training and experience in gathering, assessing, and analyzing information. In addition, many of the pressing issues facing our society have STEM components, ranging from cybersecurity to climate change. We believe that even a small cohort of policy-makers with STEM backgrounds can help shift politics to a fact-based discourse.

VoteSTEM.org provides a detailed listing of candidates with backgrounds in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) who are running for public office in the United States. We are non-partisan, because we want all political parties to include policymakers with STEM backgrounds, who will make evidence-based decisions. We provide well-cited information to help you decide which of these candidates you want to support. We invite you to explore our candidate listing, make your own decisions, and then use your vote, your dollars, your time, or your voice to help elect them to office.