Jon Powell (TX-36)

geologist & chemist

2018 candidate for US House of Representatives, Texas, District 36

Affiliation: Democrat[ref]

About Jon

Education: BS in Geology/Earth Science, Colgate University; MS in Geological Sciences Brown University.[ref]

Professional experience: Jon consults on industrial environmental, safety, and management issues, primarily within the nuclear, chemical, and energy sectors. Jon also advises on the purchase or sale of enterprises, and has served as an expert in related litigation. It appears that he works for the consulting firm Pilko and also consults independently.[ref][ref][ref]

Jon has also served as a City Councilmember and Mayor for Taylor Lake Village, TX.[ref]

Path to Congress

Incumbent: Brian Babin (R)

Primary: March 6, 2018

Jon is one of two candidates in the Democratic primary.[Ballotpedia]

General: November 6, 2018

TX-36 is a new district, created after the 2010 Census. This US House seat has been held by a Republican throughout its short history. In 2016, there was not a Democratic candidate on the ballot. (Fun fact: Houston’s Johnson Space Center is in this district.)[Ballotpedia][Wikipedia]

Contact Information

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