Science Fact Deniers

We’ve come across some STEM candidates who nonetheless deny accepted scientific facts. They earn the dubious honor of being on our Science Fact Deniers list.


  • US House
    • Bruce Westerman (AR-4), agricultural engineer and forester; incumbent
      • “Climate change happens. The question is, what causes it to happen? You have natural vents… Forest fires put millions of tons of carbon into the air every year. Volcanic eruptions put millions of tons of carbon in the air. And when it happens, it’s minute changes. So, you can’t deny the fact that climate change happens. The question is, what causes climate change to happen?… It’s a very complicated subject you hear talked about a lot in platitudes, and not as much in details of science.” — Westerman


  • US House
    • Neal Dunn (FL-7), surgeon; incumbent
      • “I am sure human activity plays some role, but I don’t think the science is clear on how much is man-made and how much is natural” — Dunn


  • US House
    • Larry Bucshon (IN-8), cardiothorasic surgeon; incumbent
      • “The data does not support the premise that carbon dioxide emissions are playing a significant role in the world temperature variations. The temperature of the Earth has been changing over centuries with warmer and colder periods throughout history.” — Buchson




  • US House
    • Steve Scalise (LA-1), computer scientist; incumbent
      • “Increasing number of scientists who are raising major questions about the global warming theories” — Scalise


  • US House
    • Andy Harris (MD-1), biologist and medical doctor; incumbent
      • “I believe the actual science is uncertain” — Harris




New York

  • Governor
    • John DeFrancisco, industrial engineer
      • In 2015, as NY State Senator, John DeFrancisco called climate change a “politically correct term” explaining why the term was left out of an Earth Day resolution. He used the cold winter to cast doubt on climate change: “I can attest, being from Syracuse, New York, that the globe wasn’t warming around Syracuse this winter.”[ref]


North Carolina



  • Governor
    • Jeff Smith, manufacturing engineer
      • Does not accept IPCC consensus that human activities are causing climate change. [via private correspondence]

South Dakota

  • Governor
    • Lora Hubbel, nurse & chiropractor
      • Hubbel has told reporters that there is not enough data to confirm climate change: “We think we can draw conclusions on this much data? It’s egotistical to me.”


  • US House
    • Phil Roe (TN-1), physician; incumbent
      • “Many believe greenhouse gas emissions are contributing to the gradual warming of our planet and changing of our climate. While there are many questions surrounding the science of the issue, it seems to me like we could develop a solution that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions without inflicting catastrophic damage on our economy.”[ref]
    • Scott DesJarlais (TN-4), physician; incumbent
      • Voted against 2014 House amendment to acknowledge that greenhouse gas pollution causes climate change.


West Virginia


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