Elaine DiMasi (NY-1)

Physicist & materials scientist

2018 candidate for US House of Representatives, New York, District 1

Affiliation: Democrat[ref]

About Elaine

Education: BS, Penn State; PhD in Physics, U. Michigan-Ann Arbor[ref]

Professional experience: Elaine worked at the Brookhaven National Lab for 21 years as a federal contractor and project manager, working with both synthetic and biological materials.[ref] As required by law, Elaine has left her federal job to be eligible to run for federal office.[ref]

Publications: Elaine has 117 publications listed in Google Scholar. Primary topics are biomaterials and biomineralization, often using x-ray scattering techniques.

Path to Congress

Incumbent: Lee Zeldin (R)

Primary: June 26, 2018

As of December 16, 2017, Elaine was one of six candidates who have entered this Democratic primary race.[Ballotpedia]

General: November 6, 2018

This US House seat has gone back and forth between Democratic and Republican candidates over the last few decades. NY-1 is described as a battleground district or pivot district, having voted for Bush in 2004 (49-49%), Obama in 2008 (52-48%), and Trump in 2016 (54-42%). [Ballotpedia] [Wikipedia]

Contact Information

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