Doug Bennett (IL-10)

Applied mathemetician

2018 candidate for US House of Representatives, Illinois, District 10

Affiliation: Republican[ref]

About Doug

Education: BS in Applied Mathematics from Northwestern University.[ref]

Professional experience: Doug currently works as an independent consultant.[ref]

Path to Congress

Incumbent: Brad Schneider (D)

Primary: March 20, 2018

Doug is one of 3 Republican candidates in the primary, one of which is also a STEM candidates (Sapan Shah). The incumbent, Brad Schneider, is a STEM candidate too.[Ballotpedia]

General: November 6, 2018

This US House seat has often swapped between Republican and Democratic candidates since 2010. In past presidential elections, this district has narrowly voted for the Democratic candidate.[Ballotpedia] [Wikipedia]

Contact Information


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