Dan Lipinski (IL-3)

Mechanical engineer

2018 candidate for US House of Representatives, Illinois, District 3

Affiliation: Democrat[ref]

About Dan

Education: BS in Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University in Evanston; MS in Engineering-Economic Systems from Stanford University; PhD in Political Science from Duke University.[ref]

Professional experience: Dan worked as a Systems Analyst for Swissair after finishing his masters. After finishing his PhD in political science from Duke, Dan taught Political Science as an Assistant Professor at the University of Notre Dame and the University of Tennessee. Dan was elected to the US House in November 2004 and has served in that capacity ever since. [ref]

Path to Congress

Incumbent: himself

Primary: March 20, 2018

Dan is the incumbent in this district and has been since the 2004 election.[Ballotpedia]

General: November 6, 2018

This US House seat is in a fairly solidly Democratic area and held by Dan himself since 2004.[Ballotpedia]

Contact Information

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