Political decisions should be based on facts and evidence. Unfortunately, too many politicians rely on rhetoric and denial. It’s time for change.

  • It’s time to vote for policy-makers who have the skills, experience, and integrity to examine evidence and face inconvenient truths.
  • It’s time for policy-makers who can grapple with today’s complex scientific and technical issues, such as cybersecurity and climate change.
  • It’s time we put more scientists and engineers in public office.

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For every researcher studying childhood development who concludes that sexual orientation is fixed from birth, there’s a politician saying nope, it’s a choice. For every epidemiologist or virologist who shows again and again that vaccines are safe and effective, there’s a politician who insists that somewhere in a Big Pharma lab, someone is sneaking autism sauce into the shots. For every environmental researcher who explains that climate change is real, deadly and in large measure our fault, there is a politician — actually there are lots and lots of politicians — who call it a hoax. (Worse, a Chinese hoax.)

Jeffrey Kluger, TIME Magazine